• Viljami Sairanen

Viljami Sairanen

Publications 2014-2018 (full list available through Scholar/PubMed)

2018 Sairanen, V, Leemans, A, Tax C M V. Fast and accurate Slicewise OutLIer Detection (SOLID) with informed model estimation for diffusion MRI data. NeuroImage, 181, 331-346. IF: 5.426. 

2018 Hämäläinen, S, Mäkelä, N, Sairanen, V, et al. TMS uncovers details about sub-regional language-specific processing networks in early bilinguals. NeuroImage, 171, 209-221. IF: 5.426. 

2017 Sairanen, V, Kuusela, L, Sipilä, O, Savolainen, S, Vanhatalo, S. A novel measure of reliability in Diffusion Tensor Imaging after data rejections due to subject motion. NeuroImage, 147, 57-65. IF: 5.426.

2017 Hämäläinen, S, Sairanen, V, Leminen, A, Lehtonen, M. Bilingualism modulates the white matter structure of language-related pathways. NeuroImage, 152, 249-257. IF: 5.426. 

2015 Stjerna S, Sairanen, V, Gröhn, R, Andersson, S, Metsäranta, M, Lano, A, Vanhatalo, S. Visual Fixation in Human Newborns Correlates with Extensive White Matter Networks and Predicts Long-Term Neurocognitive Development. J. Neurosci., 35(12), 4824-29. IF: 5.970. 

2014 Peltola M E, Sairanen, V, Gaily, E, Vanhatalo, S. Measuring spike strength in patients with continuous spikes and waves during sleep: Comparison of methods for prospective use as a clinical index. Clinical Neurophysiology, 125(8), 1639-46. IF: 3.614.



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