Several infant wearables have been developed in BABA to offer novel ways for early neurological diagnostics. These were developed originally as a part of Rhythms in Infant Brain (RIB) project, funded by Academy of Finland, Pediatric Foundation and Finnish Brain Foundation.

More information in the video clips here and here and here for an overview.

MAIJU (Motility Assessment in Infants with a JUmpsuit). We have developed an infant overall, a jumpsuit, that is equipped with a movement sensor in each sleeve to measure acceleration and gyration movements. That data is streamed in real-time to a mobile phone and analysed by a deep-learning algorithm trained to recognize infant's body posture and movement for each second of recording. This allows a reliable quantification of neuromotor status, including assessment of developmental delay, tracking of developmental progress, and hopefully a measure of efficacy in therapeutic interventions.

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NAPPA (NApping PAnts). We have developed a diaper cover type pants equipped with a movement sensor on the front, in order to record infant's respiration, body posture and movements. This allows tracking of those behaviours individually, and when coupled to our machine learning based classifier, it allows a realiable assessment of sleep rhythms over several days in the home environment.

EEG beanie. We have developed a disposable cap for recording EEG of the newborn infants in the neonatal intensive care units. This will allow an easy placement of skin-friendly electrode set-up for extended periods of brain monitoring. to be added soon
EMG jumpsuit. to be added soon.

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