• RIB, wearable

Rhythms in the Infant Brain (RIB)

RIB project seeks to offer solutions for early neurological diagnostics, remote monitoring and measuring of therapeutic efficacies.

Three medical infant wearables have been developed:

  1. A disposable EEG hat for newborn brain monitoring in the neonatal intensive care units (NICU);
  2. Sleep pants for tracking infant sleep at home (NAPPA; NAPping PAnts);
  3. A smart jumpsuit for early assessment of infant motility (MAIJU; Motility Assessment in Infants with a JUmpsuit).

The neurophysiological signals analysis is based on advanced machine learning methods. The information value of the novel medical wearables and their AI-based computational analytics will be examined in several clinical trials in four differen countries.

Development of medical wearables for infants requires solving a large number of technical challenges in the field of wearable electronics. The associated medical signal analysis develops solutions for machine learning methods in wider medical AI. Being successful, RIB project will directly benefit early neurological diagnostics and treatment follow up in infants.

RIB-project is jointly supported by Academy of Finland, Lastentautien tutkimussäätiö, and Aivosäätiö.

More about developing wearables on the YouTube-channel of BABA center.

More news about MAIJU smart jumpsuit, see Methods -> Wearables (or here).


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